ADA Compliance

Learn how to comply with ADA Regulations at your business!

Does your business or property comply with the federal American with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Utilize these resources to gain the tools and knowledge you need to make sure your business or property is ADA compliant.

The Minnesota State Council on Disability - Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
This presentation will teach you the basics of ADA regulations, the most common fixes, technical guidelines, and all the resources you will need to avoid lawsuits.

If you need assistance identifying barriers in your businesses and developing a plan to fix them, you may want to hire an access specialist. The Minnesota State Council on Disability has a list of certified specialists. 

Rubric Legal LLC
Connect with Rubric Legal if you have already been sued or are worried about being sued for ADA violations. 

The Landreau Group
The Landreau Group can help you get the right types of insurance to protect your business against lawsuits. View this short presentation for more information.