Transportation and Wayfinding

35W & Lake Street Construction Open House

Tuesday, April 30  //  11:30 am – 1:30 pm
EME Antro Bar, 417 E Lake St

Learn about upcoming 35W and Lake Street construction from MNDot, the City of Minneapolis Government Small Business Team, Metro Transit, and the Hennepin County Government!

Show up any time during this open house style meeting to learn the construction schedule, get resources to support your business, and speak with planning staff from government agencies.

The EME Antro Bar is located on the 2nd Level of Plaza Mexico at 417 E Lake St. Paid parking is located behind the building.

Transportation and Wayfinding

The Lake Street Council is actively engaged in a number of transportation and wayfinding initiatives that affect the corridor. We advocate for public design that preserves and supports local communities, encourages density and transit, and maximizes economic development potential.

There are several transportation projects that are underway or in planning that will impact the Lake Street corridor over the next few years. 

35W Reconstruction
MnDOT is in the middle of a four-year project to reconstruct Interstate 35W. The project will lead to improved access to Lake Street, but construction will have significant impacts on traffic and business access along the corridor.

The biggest impacts include:

  • The 28th Street bridge over I-35W will be closed until summer 2019
  • The ramp from eastbound I-94 to southbound I-35W will be closed until fall 2021
  • The ramp from southbound I-35W to 35th/36th St will be closed until fall 2021
  • The ramps from 31st St and 35th St to southbound I-35W will be closed until fall 2021

The project includes the development of a new Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit station at Lake Street and I-35. The Orange Line will travel on I-35W from the southern suburbs into downtown Minneapolis.

Timeline: Currently under construction until 2021
For more information, visit:
Questions? Call the project hotline at 612-284-6125 or email

Lake Street Reconstruction between Blaisdell & 5th Ave
In 2020, Hennepin County will begin reconstructing Lake Street between Blaisdell Ave and 5th Ave. The rest of Lake Street was reconstructed in the mid-2000s, but this portion was left incomplete so that it could be done in conjunction with I-35W construction.

Most of the project design elements were determined in earlier community engagement efforts. Hennepin County expects to keep Lake Street open for most of the project, aside from some occasional weekend shut-downs. The City of Minneapolis Small Business Team is currently conducting a study on risks and mitigation strategies.

Timeline: Work expected to begin in 2020
For more information, visit:
Questions? Contact Jim Grube at

Bus Rapid Transit on and around Lake Street
Metro Transit has begun planning a series of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines that will provide faster and more reliable transit service to, from, and along Lake Street. BRT lines are new bus lines that substantially replace existing high-use routes to provide frequent service on days, nights and weekends. BRT lines have fewer stations than standard bus routes; they are located approximately every ½ mile and intersect with other existing transit lines. These stations include heat, lighting, security features, real-time bus departure information, and trash receptacles.

Project  Corridor Existing Route Current Stage Expected State Date Project Contact Contact Phone Contact Email
D Line Chicago Ave Route 5 Engineering 2021 Cody Olson 612-349-7390
B Line Lake Street Route 21 Initial Planning 2021 Cody Olson 612-349-7390
E Line Hennepin Ave Route 6 Initial Planning 2023 Sophia Ginis 612-349-7409

For more information, visit:
Questions? Contact Katie Roth at 612-349-7772 or

Hiawatha-Lake Improvements
Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis have partnered to study and implement improvements at the Hiawatha-Lake intersection. A series of short-term improvements are planned for fall 2019, including new crosswalks, pedestrian median refuges, and expanded pedestrian space in front of Lake Street Station apartments. Additional changes to improve traffic flow, increase safety for all users, and reduce confusion at the interchange may occur when Hiawatha is repaved in 2021.

Timeline: Short-term improvements currently in design and expected to be installed in late 2019
For more information, visit:
Questions? Contact Bob Byers at 612-596-0354 or

Girard Avenue Reconstruction
The City of Minneapolis plans to reconstruct one block of Girard Avenue between Lake Street and Lagoon Avenue. They are considering options that would increase pedestrian space to connect the existing nearby pedestrian pathways. These options may reduce or eliminate travel lanes for cars.

Timeline: Design underway, with construction expected in 2020
For more information, visit:
Questions? Contact Liz Heyman, 612-673-2460 or

Hennepin Avenue Reconstruction
The City of Minneapolis will soon start planning the full reconstruction of Hennepin Avenue north of Lake Street and south of Downtown. This will be another major street reconstruction project and there will be significant decisions to make about how the street will be designed – for example, Hennepin Avenue is identified by the City as a priority bikeway in its long-term plans.

Timeline: Design begins in 2019, with construction expected in 2023
For more information on Hennepin, visit:
Questions? Contact Becca Hughes at 612-673-3594 or